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   Hand Stamped 14K Gold Filled Inspirations

      Trimmed With Gemstones or Pearls

                       Gemstone Bracelets

              Trimmed With Hand Cast Sterling

                Latitude & Longitude

      Tags, Rounds, Rectangles, Trimmed 

                     Beach Inspired Necklaces

       Sterling or 14K Gold Filled, Trimmed

            Druzy Bracelets & Necklaces

    Beach Colors in Sterling or 14K Gold Filled

              14K Gold Filled Initial Necklaces

                  Multiple Sizes Available

                    Inspirational Necklaces

        Sterling or 14K Gold Filled Rounds or Tags

     Ocean Inspired Necklaces Gemstone Trimmed

                Tags, Rounds, Rectangles

     Personalized Sterling Disc Necklaces

            Sizes From Tiny To Large

  Name Plates Sterling or 14K Gold Filled

            Trimmed With Birthstones

                      Forever Summer

   Sterling or 14K Gold Filled Rounds or Tags

     Delicate Gemstone & Pearl Necklaces

         Variety of Gemstones & Pearls

  Our studio strives to create affordable artisan jewelry that will delight our customers & offer them heirloom pieces they will love! We hand         fabricate each piece with great care & attention to detail.  We use the finest components America has to offer. We hope you enjoy our work!

                                                                     Sterling & 14K Gold Filled Bangles, America Made

                                                            Available Trims Include Cast Silver Charms, Gemstones, & Pearls

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